Church / Organisation Inscription

In order to make this project a success and to finish in record time, we are soliciting partnership with various churches and organisations. We hereby propose that you help mobilize your congregation/group to be a part of this historic project.


The token contribution for inscription is a minimum of R50 per verse to cover the costs of importing all the materials for inscription (the scrolls, certificates and registration documents) from Israel, and of taking the scrolls around South Africa for inscription.

We propose that R10 goes to the church/group for the administration of the inscription, while R40 goes to ICLD/BHP for the purposes indicated above.

The administration of the inscription from the church/group side will be as follows:

  1. The church/group mobilized for the inscription; could either invite our team to make a presentation to the church/group, or we could send our mobilization/marketing materials to be presented by the church itself, without our team coming over to motivate for the inscription.
  2. Inscription fee is collected by the church from the members willing to inscribe.
  3. The church deducts R10 from each prospective inscriber. The names and remaining R40 from each prospective inscriber’s donation are sent to ICLD.
  4. Verses are allocated to each name sent, and an electronic certificate acknowledging participation is sent with each allocated verse.
  5. The church/group decides on the convenient day for our team to come to the church to administer the inscription.
  6. The church/group provides a team of volunteers to join our team for the administration of the inscription. We need one volunteer per 10 inscribers, as well as one main person to liaise between us and the church with whom we can arrange the logistics.
  7. An official certificate is presented to each inscriber after inscription on site.

Please do not hesitate to contact us over any issue raised in this proposal.